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The Turnkey System

The Passive Income Lifestyle.. Earn More & Work Less

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Are you scared by what you’re seeing in the news and mainstream media?  Were you affected by the recent loss in the stock market?

Your savings doesn’t go as far as it used to. Inflation is kicking you in the rear, the government is wanting to tax everything and everyone.  Health care expenses are skyrocketing.  We’re constantly involved in wars for reasons very few Americans understand anymore.

Interest rates will probably stay low for the foreseeable future and will probably persist for your lifetime.  If you have $1 Million dollars in the bank today, you’re living in poverty because the interest off of your savings is not more then 1 or 2 % and that’s $10K – $20K a year.

People are scared about what’s happening globally.  We’re in a globally interconnected economy today.  If China hits the skids, A) you won’t know about it until it’s too late because they aren’t going to tell you the truth, and B), it will likely do far more damage to a retiree’s 401K and stock-bond holdings than if anything happened domestically.  For the smaller investor, this sucks.

Last year there was over $14 trillion dollars in 401K and retirement money in the stock market.  Don’t you think for a moment that the government isn’t trying to find a way to manage that for you?  Just like your health care. They want to get their hands on everything they can and if it’s invested in real estate or private money loans, they can’t get to it as easily.

You have to think about why all those foreign investors are buying those condos sight unseen and bidding them to astronomic prices because they want out of the grid, period. And that’s what we’re talking about here.

So, why is now the perfect time?  Here are my 4 rules that become more and more relevant as time goes on.


  • Lack of confidence in the stock market
  • People want more intimate money management
  • There’s minimal cash flowing investments available and poor returns in the marketplace
  • There’s a preference for hard assets and greater control

#1 –  Lack of confidence in the stock market.  The government is forcing you to take a risk.  People are stuck in the stock market trying to make some bigger gains but they’re having a hard time explaining to themselves when the stock market drops 600, 1000 or 2000 points over the next 2 months why they haven’t found a better option.  And it can happen.  With 0% interest rates, the government is forcing you to take the risk by staying the stock market.  It’s forming an asset bubble.

#2 – People want more intimate money management.  People want to be able to jump on the phone and talk to someone.  They want to invest alongside someone whose interests are aligned because of the way the deals are structured.

#3 – There’s minimal cash flowing investments available and poor returns in the marketplace. There’s nothing out there that’s throwing off a huge current yield like investing in turnkey rental properties and doing private secured loans.

#4 – There’s a preference for hard assets and greater control today.  Think about it this way, if Martha Stewart, who was convicted of insider trading, were to do something stupid again today and you had 200 shares of Martha Stewart on the media, do you really think you’re going to get her on the phone and ask her why you’re losing money overnight because she just did something stupid.  Do you really think you’re going to get her on the phone?


Real estate has made more millionaires in the world than anything else but not without a whole lot of mistakes and steep learning curves.


The beauty of turnkey investing is that it allows you to invest in real estate completely hands-off and completely hassle-free.

You can ignore all of that hard work and headache and hassle and heartache because with turn-key investing you fast-track to the head of the pack by investing in a cleaned up, renovated, rented, cash-flowing property.

That’s what makes it turn-key, you’re not buying a million headaches and a second full-time job, you’re investing in a real asset that immediately puts cash into your bank account from the very first day, and does so continuously month after month after month.

Investing in a turn-key investment means that you wisely hand off all the worst parts of investing to someone else.



  • You skip the hassle finding the property and the worry that you’re buying in a good area with solid values and rents, etc..
  • You skip the hassle of negotiating with a reluctant homeowner (who, let’s be honest, probably over-values their house)
  • You skip the hassle of cleaning up the property
  • You skip the hassle of renovating the property to get it ready to go (plus the MASSIVE hassle of dealing with contractors)
  • You skip the hassle of finding that needle-in-a-haystack tenant who you can rent the property to
  • You skip the hassle of maintenance issues and those late-night calls at 2 am because the toilet is backed up

Instead, you put your investment to work immediately and you start seeing a return immediately. (Plus, because there’s a property manager in place, this is a HANDS-OFF investment that gives you money but doesn’t require any work).

The real estate world is ruthless & you can make costly mistakes if you are not prepared. Have peace of mind by working with an experienced proven professional team!


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