Turnkey Disclaimer


Business Risks:

At Freedom Real Estate Group, our promise is also that we will always do our best and have the investors’ best interests at heart. Everything we do is geared toward helping our investors succeed.

That’s how we define success for the lifetime of the investment.

Any and all numbers referenced on our site are estimates made to the best of our ability and should not be considered exact. As with any investment, it is important to do your own research and understand the risk before embarking on an investment relationship.

All business transactions involve some risk, including the loss of some or all capital invested in a project. We do our best to help lessen these risks, but they are still there. You should understand these and all risks involved before making any financial decisions or investments.


Any and all claims, representations, or testimonials displayed here are based on the unique experiences of the individuals making the representations. The testimonials represent exceptional results are not the results of an average individual.

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