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Ohio's Leading Investment Company Offering Hassle Free Passive Income and Double Digit Returns


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Did you know that only 2% of Americans will retire with financial independence?  With increases in life expectancy, today’s adults will live on average 17 additional years into retirement.  Financial security in retirement is a major concern of today’s population with a large majority of Americans lacking in education about all of their options.

With almost a decade of experience in buying, selling, rehabs, brokerage services, property management and more, Freedom Real Estate Group was built to help other people who like us, have the desire to achieve true freedom through passive income (or what we like to call “mailbox money”.)

We are an Ohio based Real Estate Company that buys homes across the state of Ohio with our primary markets being Cincinnati and Dayton.  Our passion lies in providing a hassle free home buying process to fellow investors like ourselves.

What is the best strategy to replace your current income and what type of Investor are you?

1) Do you want to be a “DIY” Investor? (Do it Yourself)

These are potential investors who want to be involved in the entire process from beginning to end.

While we can relate to this type of investor, it has taken us years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain all the experience and knowledge we have today.

If this is YOU, we recommend that you find a successful investor in your local area so you can be hands on and dedicate the time required to become a professional investor.

2) Do you want to be a “DFY” Investor? (Done For You)

These are potential investors who have careers and/or families and other obligations. You understand the power of building wealth through real estate… you want to have hassle free passive income… but you don’t have the time to figure it all out or do it all yourself.

This is the type of investor we have a passion to serve.

We help investors avoid making all the mistakes we made when we got started. We also teach them not to invest based on “hope” or “speculation” and understand the importance of investing in the right locations for INCOME which is what provides true financial freedom.

If this is YOU, please contact us. We’d love to help you reach your goals!

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