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The Investor Series

Welcome to Ohio... the KING of CASH FLOW

At Freedom Real Estate Group, we are proud to announce our brand-new offerings of Investor Products and Investment Strategies to our present and future Investment Partners. Our goal is to offer our investors the opportunity to select form a variety of options that are tailored to meet your investment goals, so that YOU can decide which options fit you BEST!

The Signature Series is the Classic Turnkey model with our Signature upgrades. Freedom Real Estate Group works in collaboration with partners and team members to deliver industry topping results for our clients. Here is how it works:

  1. The Acquisitions Team works to find the perfect property with great returns potential.
  2. Our In-House Construction Partners work on the repair and rehab of your home.
  3. The Marketing and Sales Departments work to find the right property that aligns with our investors numbers which include Cap Rates or Cash on Cash returns.
  4. Our Transaction Team works with our Investors all the way through the purchase process.
  5. Finally, a smooth transition to our Property Management Team, who will work on getting your new home rented and managed by our amazing staff.

This is our most popular line of products for our investors for several reasons:

  1. The ease of it. Sit back and let us do the leg work for you!
  2. Our optional “Premier Services” package which includes: First, our rent promise. We promise to have your home rented and cash flowing 30-days after your close or it’s on us, for up to 12 months. Second, we offer a 1-year warranty on the rehabbed components of the home, in addition to a 3-year warranty on major items like hot water heater, HVAC system and roof. Click here for more details!


Our Instant Cash Flow Series is designed for the investor who wants to close on a property quickly and start Cash Flowing Immediately. These are properties that have been purchased with the tenants already in place and are paying rent, producing instant cash flow. Due to these properties already having residents living in them, we are unable to do any rehab work to the property. However, on the termination of the current lease we would be more than happy to work with our investors on a price for any rehab work needed prior to the next resident. These particular properties are extremely beneficial for our clients who may have a moderate to high debt to income ratio and need to show the property is cash flowing in order to offset the loan on the property. In essence, it allows our investors to get that foot in the door of investing, start cash flowing, and save for renovations in the future. Consult with your expert provider/lender for more details.


This series is designed for the investor to pick & choose how we can best serve them. It allows flexibility to use any of our resources we have at the investors request. Pick any combination so we can best assist you with your budget and investment strategy. Our team is willing to work with our investors on whatever their budget, timeline, strategy and investing goals are. We are here to help!

Properties in our EAS will remain in this category until a crew is assigned for renovations, then they will be moved to our Signature Series, which is our full traditional turnkey model. These properties will not be marketed/contracted out again until all renovations are complete


This particular series of investing will be Freedom Real Estate group working closely with the Investor, the Lender, Tax Consultant, or Financial Advisor.  Properties can offer a huge tax benefit to our investors and clients. By working with the investor, the advisor and our team, we can come up with solutions that offer a strategic tax savings strategy combined with possible large growth gains.  If this is something our clients want to consider, we work with their Advisors who can manage the process and ensure this is the best course of action for our clients.



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Any investment philosophy should be focused on the achievement of true freedom. Strategic market decisions are an integral part of that process.



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