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IRA / 401(k) Investing

The Passive Income Lifestyle.. Earn More & Work Less

IRA & 401(K) Investing

Making money while you sleep, otherwise called ‘passive income’ or ‘mailbox money’ is one of the many secrets of the wealthy.  Another secret….  is knowing how to increase and accelerate your wealth tax free.

It’s time you look into a self directed IRA as well as your 401(k) options if you want to increase and accelerate your retirement capital complete with tax advantages.

To leverage your money in a tax free environment, there are many vehicles that will allow for this, the most popular of them being your self directed IRA or 401(k).

Did you know you can use your self directed IRA or 401(k) to buy real estate?

The answer is yes!  Not only can you invest in real estate using those retirement accounts, but the money earned will become cash flow that is tax free!  You can then claim your money when you retire.

Imagine buying one property that generates $300 – $500 a month in positive cash flow?  And imagine that money growing year after year with ZERO tax liability.  That’s one of the secrets the wealthy use to use the power of compounding and increase their wealth VERY QUICKLY.

There are so many reasons why investing your IRA in a real estate deal will be the real turning point in your life and pave your path to wealth, freedom and security.


  • You can diversify away from the gut wrenching swings in the stock market and pathetically low yielding CDs at the bank.
  • Your IRA can own a real asset that serves as security for your retirement.
  • Instantly and effortlessly boost your returns on real estate by eliminating or deferring taxes on your profits and income.

If you’re interested into looking into IRA or 401(k) investing a little closer then book a FREE wealth building retirement strategy session with us TODAY and we can help you explore your options.

Will You Be Ready For Retirement? Explore the benefits of real estate investing through tax-advantaged retirement accounts for increased and accelerated growth.


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