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Referred Clients of Mine to Get Higher Returns

I have referred clients of mine to Dani to be private money lenders.  As a Realtor, it was very important to me that I trust the integrity of the person to which I refer any client because it affects my reputation and business as a result.  Dani and her husband Flip understand this well being licensed themselves.  They’ve handled my clients with the utmost care and I am happy to continue referring more people to them so that they can get higher returns through the private lender program instead of cash sitting around in the bank or other investment vehicles not as secure and not earning nearly what they could as a private lender.

I’ve never used my IRA for anything other than investing in mutual funds. After our first deal, that one investment alone increased our returns 12 times over compared to what we were getting before.  As soon as that deal closed, Dani sent me the next one immediately so I could keep putting my money back to work completely tax free.

I’ve been funding deals for Dani for awhile now.  She has been very helpful in speaking with her title companies attorney to get all my questions answered regarding setting up all of our notes and mortgages legally for our entity since we live outside the areas she is investing.  She’s always emailing to find out if we have more funds available to put to work and earn more interest which I love so that my money is never just sitting around.  I’ve enjoyed her communication and updates and always being available when I call.

I have been working with Dani for over a year now and have funded many deals for her and getting great returns.  I only work with very experienced investors and I’ve enjoyed our working relationship and most of all Dani’s communication and how organized and detail oriented she is.  She treats my money like her own which for me, is the sign of a true professional.

I had a little over $100K sitting in my IRA earning little interest invested in mutual funds and I decided to work with Flip & Dani as a private money lender and we just finished our very first deal together that earned me 12% interest!!  The best part is that they did ALL the work with the IRA company for me!  All I had to do was review and sign the docs!!  I couldn’t be more pleased about the increased return on my money, the safety of the investment and simplicity of working with them!  I’m looking forward to many more.

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